Good News!  Nurse Molly MacKay was reunited with her car today!  Molly, a nurse with Atrius Health and the Boston Hope field hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic had her vehicle and all her PPE stolen earlier this

week.  The team at Today’s Collision worked with our partners in the community to help get Molly back on the road.

Stephen’s Automotive Transport retrieved Molly’s Car.  Enterprise provided Molly with a rental vehicle, and North Shore Mazda donated the needed parts.

Thank you to all who helped, and to our technicians and team members for taking such good care of Molly’s car!  Returning her car today has given a boost to our entire team!  Cheers to Anna Meiler of WBZ News for helping us connect with Molly!

Finally, thank you to Molly.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you this week.  Boston is lucky to have you on the frontlines of this pandemic.  We are grateful to you and your colleagues for being there for us!