Hints and Tips from Carol Jordan.

It is often said that whatever one does should be done thoroughly; i.e. details are important.

At Today’s Collision, we take pride in the details. We treat every vehicle that comes in for auto body repairs with an interior and exterior “detail.”

Vehicles in for minor auto body repair work receive a thorough cleaning including wash, vacuum, and window shine.

Vehicles in for major auto body repair work receive an intensive detail which includes an exterior wash, vacuum and shampoo mats, steel wool glass to remove grit, clay entire vehicle to remove road grit, sand and buff new paint, compound and wax exterior, clean and condition interior and jambs, tire shine, and touch up paint chips. This treatment returns the vehicle to showroom condition and earns consistent “WOWS” from our customers.

We recommend a complete interior and exterior detail twice a year in order to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. (Especially during the harsh Boston winters!) We offer complete details for our customers at a special rate. These details are usually scheduled for Saturday mornings and take approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Please call the shop for pricing and availability.

Hints and tips from Carol Jordan.

Accidents are sudden and unpredictable. You may feel disoriented. It may be your first. Your cell phone can be a useful tool in documenting the accident scene.

Use your phone camera to photograph the damage to both vehicles.

Photo the other party’s license plate. When talking with the other party, ask to photo his/her driver’s license. This is particularly helpful should you not carry a pen and paper in your car (I can never find a pen or blank piece of paper when I need one.)  If the other party is not keen on this idea, have that party get out his/her phone and photo your license and license plate.

Photo the scene of the accident.  This should only take a few minutes. If necessary, use the phone to contact the police and/or a towing service.

Good documentation is key to reporting your accident to your insurance company. Cell phone cameras are a good tool for making this unpredictable situation easier to deal with.